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Vladislava has various business undertakings in compliance professional services for the food supply chain. In her own professional development and through her enterprises she has helped hundreds of companies develop their business and exports through compliance with international and local regulations and standards.

Her undertakings in professional services are set to spread good practices in business and management in order to create value, increase transparency and integrity throughout the supply chain.

Vladislava has a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations and already in her studies she has been attracted to the field of the non-tariff barriers to trade and their impact on international business. In the early years of her career this brought her to the domain of compliance.

Vladislava is an entrepreneur that dares take the risk to explore new approaches in business that challenge the status-quo and proactively create better opportunities for business and living. Capable of seeing the broader picture she is always looking for opportunities to make things better for all parties involved.

Vladislava is passionate about economic and business development as a tool to foster wellbeing and abundance; creating and sustaining whole-hearted relationships; spirituality; and nature.

Vladislava is based in Arnhem, The Netherlands and can be reached at: v.zapryanova@lucrima.com.



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