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About the Course

Duration: 1 hour

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FREE webinar FSMA Explained, for exporters

If you are exporting food to the US you have very likely heard about the new US FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act). The regulation is a complex set of rules and guidance documents that require from you hands-on experience in food safety, a deep understanding of the US import procedures and a lawyer’s scrutiny to be really able to formulate your company’s action plan towards compliance.

With our expert team from both sides of the Atlantic we have wrapped up a highly efficient course on FSMA which gives you a bird’s eye overview of all the rules that helps you grasp the broader picture of FSMA and from there dive into the areas where you should be really focusing your attention and efforts to secure your company’s seamless and continuous compliance and uninterrupted exports to the US.

Whether FSMA affects you and when is a complex question similar to the regulation itself. With a good preparation with your full list of products and company size, you can advise our FAQs page and particularly the part on the exemptions in order to have a definitive answer whether your company should comply?, how? and when? and if it is still complex for you to figure out what you are supposed to do, just tune into our webinars FSMA explained. An online crash course, in English or in your own language coming soon.

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