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We assist the food market players in sustaining and growing their business by achieving product and organizational compliance in the area of food safety, quality and sustainability.

Our knowledge and experience serves local and international food suppliers, international buying companies and service providers in the areas of food safety, quality assurance and sustainability.

The competitiveness of food production, from farm to fork, has come to focus on the reliability of food safety as well as the quality of the food itself and the acceptability of production procedures. We at Lucrima bring our years of experience and expertise in training, consultancy, certification and assessment to each individual situation and work with food supply companies to ensure compliance, transparency and improved systems management.

Key to ensuring successful market access for food suppliers exporting to the United States is knowledge of and compliance with the new US regulations for food supply chain providers.  The US Food Safety Modernization Act directs the focus of food safety on the prevention of contamination and the resulting foodborne illnesses. Lucrima’s highly-qualified team can deliver the FSMA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual training courses, provide information regarding the FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification and Voluntary Qualified Importer Programmes which are necessary under this new US regulation.

At Lucrima we assist food market players navigate international food safety management regulations and secure the FSMA compliance which is required for continued export to the United States. We work with local food professionals who have substantial experience in food and knowledge of local legislation and sector specifics. Our experts have specialized technical backgrounds and their years of experience in successful capacity building projects with major stakeholders in the food supply chain support improved quality and sustainability for our customers and partners.



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